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Bring your imagination to life

At Wanderkauven, we take your wildest imagination of personal choice and we create your own unique brand of guitar.


Get in touch with your ideas and inspiration. We will work with you to visualize, craft it and bring it to life!

Custom Guitars

Take a trip through the meticulous process of making your design with rich hand crafted materials that gives a unique personality to your own guitar.


Or see our custom creations and pick one that calls your name!



Experience the Wanderkauven Guitars with our rental program.

Service & Repair


Have a guitar that needs service? We can fix any guitar and bring it to perfection.

About Wanderkauven

Born in Santa Fe, Argentina, luthier Marcelo Wanderkauven developed a passion for guitars that began in childhood and carries to this day.  Raised by a  family of craftsmen, Marcelo brings an attention to detail and craft that is unrivaled in the world of custom guitars.
Wanderkauven guitars are proudly designed & crafted in Concord California.

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