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Guitar By You with Wanderkauven

Enjoy the process with luthier Marcelo Wanderkauven, from concept to finished product. 


1. Idea Sketch

No idea is too wild!  We’ll work with you to sort out the details as we bring your idea to reality.


We establish the scale length to determine placement of the guitar body hardware, then start mapping the design as you envisioned. The scale length is measured from the nut at the top of the fretboard and the bridge at the mid section of the base of the guitar. 

2. The Beginnings


This is where the magic begins.  We build up layers of the artwork and route the cavities that will house the pickup, control knobs, bridge, and neck. 

3. Layering the Art


The cavities are in place and finishing touches to artwork are applied. We’ll test fit everything before applying lacquer.

4. Crafting


We finish off with a clear gloss lacquer which makes the colors pop and adds durability to the body.

5. Final Stages


The guitar is assembled!  Pickup, control knobs, bridge, and neck are put in place, tuned and tested.  After a rigorous quality check, it is ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

6. Finish Line

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